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An Shun village 6 floors of 12 buildings (the layer that be not a top)
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Basic message

City: Jilin

Area: Boat battalion area

Building address: An Shun village 6 floors of 12 buildings (the layer that be not a top)

Village name: How to arrange a village

Type: Average house

Door model: 2 rooms 1 hall 1 defend 1 hutch

Infrastructure: Water and electricity, gas, central heating, kitchen, wired, alloy window, door of guard against theft

News source: Individual

Property information

Building time: 97 years

Floor: In all 7 the 6th

Front: Thing to

Floor area: 76.5 smooth rice

Usable floor area: 0 smooth rice

Traffic situation: Communication is easy, extend in all directions. Be located in saddle hill street and solution enlarge road to hand in collect place, middle school of language of distance to bring up and Jilin city 7 in 5 minutes of distance.

Decorate a circumstance: New clothes is repaired

Establishment of form a complete set: Floor, bed, furniture, TV, air conditioning, washing machine, freezer, lampblack machine

Rental information

Hire: 1100 yuan / month

Time leases since: A month

Pay hire pattern: Need cash pledge

Enter time: On September 1

See a room at any time: Yes

Period of validity: 2008-8-22 9:54:52

Remarks: This room new clothes is repaired, live namely, the furniture completely such as sofa, basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle have everything that one expects to find, it is new completely. Daylighting is drafty. Corridor is phonic illume accusing the lamp, unit door is electronic door.