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Commercial house is borrowed turn province of accumulation fund loan needs to su
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Have the borrower of qualification of accumulation fund loan, turn after borrowing if press 20 years period 200 thousand yuan of computation are highest can save 57 thousand yuan of   

Because center of accumulation fund of Chongqing town house was announced a few days ago,go into town Wu work staff, SOHO, free profession person also but capture puts accumulation fund. From now on, above personnel also will enjoy accumulation fund loan henceforth. To this, city concerns financial personage proposal: Have the borrower of qualification of accumulation fund loan, in the part of housing loan remaining sum that already will handle during reimbursement, changeover becomes interest rate to borrow money relative to inferior accumulation fund more be to one's profit.    
Add a crowd newly to turn the    after borrowing a likelihood to delay

As we have learned, rise again as a result of what the room borrows, cause many citizens that buy a house to value the interest that commerce borrows money more and more, after rising 5 years with interest rate of main rooms loan at present especially.   

To this, li Wu of division of credit of building of the bank that enrol business expresses, commercial housing loan turns to borrow money for accumulation fund, enhanced the client's autonomy. To this bank respect also very encourage and cooperate. And because at present the bank is mixed,very good pattern had been established between accumulation fund center, turning so accumulation fund respect is very rapid also. Because technological process is relatively complex,do not pass, before at present accumulation fund center is providing this kind of loan, must examine reimbursement proof above all.   

Room of city industrial and commercial bank borrows a Zhang Hao to express, to turning the conduction of accumulation fund, although increased,have the loan multitude of qualification of accumulation fund loan at present, but as a result of individual of loan of demand of accumulation fund loan (what belong to unit and individual) already pay the limitation of particular fixed number of year, amount, so to new although addition herd is unlimited on loan qualification but turn after the time that accumulation fund borrows money may be delayed.   

Turn borrow    of OK and economic interest

City concerns financial expert analysis: For the person buy a house with long time of the rest of big to loan amount, reimbursement, turn shift OK and economic not little interest. Still borrow through draw money accumulation fund so apparent more be to one's profit.   

As we have learned, the Central Bank added breath hind again on March 17, 5 years period the commercial loan of above and accumulation fund loan are the biggest benefit difference enlarges 1.71 percent by 1.08 percent, lowermost benefit difference also achieved 1.1 percent. With 20 years period 200 thousand yuan of foreheads are spent for exemple, after the attune on interest rate, lend floor level interest rate according to commercial house 5.51% computation compare accumulative total of accumulation fund loan to pay about 35000 yuan more, and lend upper limit interest rate according to commercial house 6.12% computation can save accrual more than yuan 57000.   
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