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In buying clothbound to write contract of room empty discretion, should make cle
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Clothbound builds building and general goods house the biggest differ even if develop what business has become a house to decorate, after the person that buy a house is entered can when be economical, save worry, province, save labour, and the design reachs the designated position, building quality has safeguard.  

Beijing law assist Chen Xu of estate major committee thinks, when signing the contract that buys this kind of house, want to notice to undertake conventional to decorating a respect in the contract. It is the price that decorate above all. Clothbound builds the component that is a building is not self-existent, the simple addition of the price that when signing a contract, should notice the composition of building money paid for something purchased or received for something sold is not average house and the charge that essence of life decorates, should reflecting outfit giving choice to build a house however is a whole, once appear,issue also should be handled as a whole. Next, also be the most important, want to undertake conventional to the level that decorate in the contract namely. When wanting a house delivery decorate a standard to try to make clear in the contract, arrive from the design that decorate, layout of building materials choose in order to and construction craft to wait to want detailed ground to be reflected in additional provision come out. The 3rd, the agreement wants to decorate the problem that how the project changes in the contract. Decorating is not invariable, most person is the ability in the process that decorating discovery needs to undertake what alter more the taste that accords with oneself, come so, we are about to consider this when signing a contract, can consult domestic bedroom decorates a contract in the specification in the contract that buy a house alter the project that can sign a project to change Chan Yiming to alter truly and time. The 4th, want to treat separate agreement to decorating the dispute of the respect in the contract.