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The attention needs when buying a house " 4 rate "
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     afforest rate and afforest enclothe rate   

     afforest rate and afforest are enclothed leading is two different ideas. Afforest rate and afforest are enclothed leading is the economic norms that measures situation of living area afforest. But afforest rate is not equal to afforest to enclothe rate, and the distinction of both basically is opposite " living area uses greenbelt of the each district inside ground limits " on the different understanding of this one concept.   

     afforest rate is program index, descriptive is the total that living area uses the each district inside ground limits and the rate that living area uses the land.   
     afforest is enclothed leading is afforest the sum of perpendicular and umbriferous area and the per cent that cover an area of an area.   

     greenbelt is led
The requirement that      country leads to greenbelt is very strict. According to the relevant technology standard of Beijing, code can know. Grow careless place and can not count surely greenbelt. Greenbelt rate indicates " living area uses ground range inside of all kinds greenbelt " basically include communal greenbelt, curtilage by greenbelt, form a complete set is fair build place to belong to greenbelt and road greenbelt to wait.   

     cubage is led
     volume ratio is to point to village total floor area and the specific value that always amass with the ground, this specific value is less, the building that means a village to accommodate always is jumped over small, living life quality can be jumped over tall. Generally speaking, the common village that mixes the residence to give priority to with 6 bricks, should choose cubage to lead as far as possible lesser.   

A newer idea is for the person that        volume ratio buys a house to great majority, it is equal to property floor area on numerical value, with development business is concerned, but actually the interest be closely bound up with the person that buy a house.   

     low density and low volume lead residential   

The building density with inferior      and building cubage are led not only can effective assurance of the residence ventilated, daylighting, take a breath reachs a; appearing a gender of eye shot to return can from go up at all the depressive feeling that reduces building space to give a person.   
Why does      lead the residence for low density and low volume after all? Different property type is having diverse demand, its are specific and regular, there already was relatively specific level inside the industry. The god that can become generally speaking builds the house of density, differentiate by area suburb should not prep above 0.2, central the city zone should not prep above 0.25.
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