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Buy the house: 3 large elements cannot oversight
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Enough in relief light energy offers a person health and hope. From of old human sunrise and make sunset and cease, become physiology clock of the rule already. Enter when the guest see bright sunshine is aspersed into the room to abandon inside house, a kind of sureness since fashionable and restful and auspicious feeling pause in the heart, good impression can arise spontaneously. Conversely, a building that appears even become known day ghastly and dark can give a person a kind of inaccuracy calm, the psychological information that lacks safe sense, so the consideration buys apiration nature to be able to drop cloudily.    

Ventilated reach air is fresh Qing Dynasty of god making a person enrages bright, conversely, some lower buildings by all around tall building bring about airiness around undesirable, bacterial nature is caused easily. And in centigrade 25 degrees, the environment of 80 % issues humidity, the bacterium arises the most easily, most direct to respiratory system influence. And a few enclosed buildings use system of central air conditioning, if nonsked cleanness maintains, not only lose its function completely, shelter evil people and practices easily instead, the air that lets carrying a bacterium circulates ceaselessly and endanger health. Moreover, near the house if have the contaminative cause such as the factory, the waste gas that its discharge, peculiar smell, make person sense breath easily uncomfortable reach disgusting. Above a variety of it is the aeriform killer that forms house character to drop considerably, investor cannot not examine.  


Medical report points out, if the mankind is long-term the meeting below the environment that is in noise to exceed 70 decibel endangers health. And a din endlessly the environment won't make a person static absolutely a person's mind stays come down to ponder over a problem, more impossible static come down to think the plan that buy a house. So, the ten million when investing estate should notice to have without noise pollution.