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Owner pays property administration fee is the obligation to who
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     property cost is the commonnest in property dispute, some owner have with building quality refus pays fee for the problem, also some owner serve with doing not have property refus is handed in for the contract. Some property serve an industry with power cut, cut off the water supply is a method, force owner to pay property fee. Investigate its reason, it is owner and property company the legal responsibility understanding in managing to property is not clear.
Actually both behavior has      illegal sex.   

     property administration fee includes those content   

The facilities facility that      property administration fee includes building and form a complete set commonly and relevant field have maintenance, conserve, overhead expenses and the cost that uphold the environmental sanitation inside relevant section and order.   

The charge such as      water, report, hot, gas, communication, finite TV, network does not belong to property administration fee. Inside property management section, the unit such as water supply, power supply, air feed, heat addition, communication, cable television ought to concern charge to final user collection.   

     property company forces owner capture to expend with the means of power cut break the law.   

Administration fee of      accept property is the obligation of pair of other owner and responsibility   

     property management is to be based on owner what to the residence common share of Lou Yu and village postulate apply is mutual counterpoise and arise, it is mutual person's common obligation to the maintenance of property. " civil code general rule " the 78th regulation: "Belongings can be shared by the citizen of two above, legal person. Mutual cent is shared to press a portion and share jointly. Share a person by the portion according to respective portion, share the right to sharing belongings, partake compulsory. Collective and mutual person enjoys the right to sharing belongings, assume obligation " . Property administration fee, because management shares belongings,be (perhaps say " public property " ) and the cost that produce. Owner is one of mutual people, bearing the cost that share belongings because of management and produces is the obligation with all common owner. This one obligation of   owner, it is owner is based on as mutual as the belongings between other owner concern (is not contract concern other perhaps concern) what carry to other owner agree is compulsory and either the obligation that assumes to any someone else. Ought to supervise and urge each other between owner, fulfil oneself legal obligation.   

Administration fee of      pay property is contract obligation   

The charge collection standard with specific      and method serve the agreement in the service contract of the company in owner committee and property. Although do not have each specific owner,sign in property service contract, but because have legal regulation, this contract is active to all owner. This is in jural contract of the legal that be called bears   
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