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Rent new regulations: Beijing control population the real thing
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Beijing control the population to play hardball. Building housing the Department recently issued the "Measures for the Administration of goods rental" will be February 1, 2011 shall come into force. Beijing will also benefit from 1 January 2011, the focus on air defense projects the population of the basement, removing residents living in the basement. Because the rent hikes, Beijing is about 20 million people were forced sharing, group rental. But the new out of the "commodity housing rental management approach" by the media interpreted as a prohibition of "base rent", the provisions of the per capita floor area of not less than renting the local people the minimum standards required by the Government. At the same time, Beijing also intends to begin next year with a year living in the city cleared the basement of the guest. This will further reduce space for foreigners living in Beijing. According to statistics, Beijing city plus the suburbs there are approximately 240 million rentable housing, including rental needs of a population of about 700 million people, most of these people for field Laijingrenyuan. According to media reports, the media live in the basement called the "rat race", and in Beijing, about 100 million people. In this regard, the Central Plains real estate analyst, said Zhang Dawei, this will result in rent increases. Without a rental market to increase supply, not to solve the housing security of low population, only Mangmu base rent limit, restrict labeled cut off leasing, but will increase the burden on low-income rental population. Although these new regulations to reduce rent security risks, standardize and reduce the Beijing city migrant workers has positive significance, but also inevitably lead to low-cost housing in Beijing, another round of skyrocketing rent. Data show that the average residential rental Beijing 1-11 month price of 3179 yuan, rose by 23%. With the focus of Beijing's outbreak of disease, renting new regulations as a means of Beijing's population control has been questioned. Some commentators have said that Beijing on the one hand in the eradication of villages, the "seal village" management, on the other hand is strictly prohibited and basement rental housing rental division, which is introduced to the public the right to rent "dogged."