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Guilin built over 150,000 square meters of low-rent housing
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Recently, the City Housing Authority announced the award in 2010 14 list of low-cost rental housing subsidies for public notice, including the Xiangshan, Diecai, Seven Stars, Xiufeng total of 86 households in four low-income urban families. Low-rent housing system and housing difficulties of the Government for the implementation of a low-income families in the form of housing security. With increasing the degree of low-cost housing construction, in line with what conditions can apply for low-cost housing and rental subsidies for low-rent housing standards and other issues have become the focus of attention. Low-rent housing project: More than 30 projects under construction Have been built over 150,000 square meters Divided into low-rent housing mode and in-kind subsidies for rent with money, primarily through the payment of rental subsidies, and enhance low-income families rent housing in the market capacity. However, due to low-rent housing system in the city before construction started in 2007, so now the first of the currency subsidies. City Housing Authority staff told reporters the relevant departments, such as low-rent housing, Ping Shan district progress forward, they recently received a lot of calling in for consultation, in addition to the Real Estate Board in person face to face consultation. Counseling focused on "low cost housing rental subsidies to the application requirements, subsidy standards, when the delivery of low-cost housing area," and so on. Housing Authority, said the staff of relevant departments, some low-income groups in this city expressed a great deal of attention, hoping to live in low-rent housing, to reduce the burden of life. In fact, the "Guilin housing security measures" since the implementation of relevant city departments have been caught low-rent housing projects, and this year is to increase the construction efforts. It is understood that, since 2008, the city a total of 31 low-rent housing project, with a total investment of more than 400 million yuan. Among them, nine new projects in 2010, building area of 79,526 square meters, total units set in 1714, a total investment of 123.9 million yuan. So far, Fang-hua Road, South Wind Road, Kwai Mill Road, in the hidden Road, Ping Shan North Road, more than 30 other low-cost housing area under construction, total construction area of 300,000 square meters, it has built more than low-rent housing area 15 million square meters, housing up to 3300 sets of copy number. Low-rent housing rental subsidy application criteria: Disposable income of households Less than 606 yuan / month Administration of low-rent housing, according to City Real Estate Management Section of the relevant personnel, apply for low-rent housing should meet the following conditions: "the applicant's family members must be non-agricultural permanent residence in Guilin, and at least one of them have Benshishiqu urban residents Changzhu account 3 years or more, and there is legal support, paid the family members of the per capita housing area of 10 square meters in the following. " "Standards are divided into low-rent housing rental subsidies to families without housing and income are less than 10 square meters of housing area of the two families." City Housing Authority Subsidized Housing Division, said the officer, there is room for households with low per capita housing area families in the 10 square meters per person per month less than 10 square meters will also be offered the difference between the subsidies. For families with no housing, in accordance with the "10 square meters per square meter rental housing subsidies × × family size standard" formula, each will receive a monthly subsidy of 100 yuan in full. In addition, the reporter also learned from the Municipal Housing Authority, the city housing security Kuomiangongzuo recently has started, the standard low-rent housing, household income also has a new adjustment, the city will protect the object from the expansion of the lowest income housing for needy families to the city low-income housing for needy families. Coverage of low-rent housing and lowering the threshold for application after the applicant's family members as long as the per capita monthly disposable income of less than 606 yuan can apply for low-rent housing rental subsidies. It is worth mentioning that the release of the purposes of subsidies, "there is progress there is a" dynamic management, signed a one-year application period for the purposes of the system, one year after the expiration of the conditions may be eligible for renewal of the lease contract. Conversely, if the applicant's family conditions changed, no longer meets the eligibility criteria, real estate management departments will be stopped on its low-rent housing rental subsidies. In addition, in 2007 to develop a "low-cost housing security measures Guilin" in the low-cost housing on the application, review, publicity, reviews and other related aspects have corresponding strict rules. At the same time, low-cost rental housing subsidies on the payment of management and supervision, but also very strict, also set up a "lay off" mechanism.