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Fujian Nanping new batch of low-cost rental housing may be three conditions appl
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18, Yanping Yang really low-rent housing projects in New Building completion 318,319, a number of low-income families are expected early next year round the "dream homes." It is understood that two low-cost housing area of 44-50 square meters each, have been carried out simple decoration. Nanping City, State Urban Construction Investment Company, Chairman Shi Yongyi told reporters: "These low-cost housing in the kitchen, bathroom facilities have been filled and broadband, TV, telephone lines have also been a good cloth, household articles for daily use can bring along as long as the direct placement . " Three conditions apply for low-rent housing Nanping launch low-cost housing project in the beginning, low-cost housing application only urban low household object, low-rent housing benefit is now expanding the scope to incorporate low-income urban families. City Housing Commission Office of the Chan Wing-ming introduced the low-income families apply for low-rent housing, first go to the Home Office where the household registration office to receive low-cost housing application form. The applicant must have three conditions: city streets with the town office accounts, confirmed by the Home department of low-income families, per capita of 13 square meters within their own homes. Fill out the application form low-cost housing, streets and communities will be first to review and publicity, and then reviewed by the Government and publicity Yanping, Nanping City last reported to the Office of Housing Committee, by the Office of the object for each application summary organizations, civil affairs, land, planning, finance, neighborhood offices related personnel, for each household to carry out household surveys, according to the survey conducted comprehensive evaluation, the list will be reviewed after the community publicity, publicity, no doubt, the applicant can be defined Housing and housing distribution for election. Some low-rent housing to be sold Not limited to low-cost rental housing, you can sell, which is in the low-rent housing Nanping this year to take a new form of distribution. "The distribution of low-rent housing in the form of rent are not limited to the past, this year, the province to accelerate low-cost housing and affordable housing in the organic convergence, both rental. We accordance with the spirit of the province this year, will launch some low-rent housing for sale. "Yongming said. "At present, 133 low-income families apply for low-cost housing, we will ask each object one by one, we are willing to rent to include rent sequence, are willing to buy a house buy a house included in the sequence. And then thoroughly investigate the circumstances under to finalize the lease and purchase of the object. " It is reported that low-cost rental housing -1.3 in the 1 yuan RMB / square meter, while the prices are also being assessment. According to reports, early next year, applicants will be confirmed after verification of the way to draw the election room. Housing applications will be selected according to population and family housing area for the draw, so to avoid accidental factors have led to many families choose to a small area of the housing situation. Nanping City Housing Commission Office staff said that low-rent housing to apply to the whole process of the election room will be arranged NPC deputies and CPPCC members, monitoring, civil affairs, district offices and other relevant units and representatives of the people involved in supervision, appraisal and comprehensive application object, to ensure that the projects that benefit the truly fair, just and open.