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Hangzhou to develop low-cost housing applications so poor standard of proof
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A family car, home and not have the ability to work with adults to give up the property within 5 years of divorce who are not eligible for low-rent housing. According to Nov. 1 start of the "low-income families found guilty of Hangzhou city (Trial) ", including these 13 categories, including family circumstances are not to be included in the urban low-income families can not enjoy the corresponding affordable housing and other social assistance. Fraud is not so easy "Only low-income families can apply for low-cost housing." Hangzhou Municipal Housing System Reform Office of the Deputy Director General Zhou Hongxia said that after the successful applicant can enjoy low Shiwupeizu: 0.8 yuan / square meter / month, or full The currency of the country with the highest rent for a standard: 30 yuan / square meter / month. Low-income families can also enjoy in Hangzhou, medical, educational, legal and other aspects of social assistance. However, with most cities, Hangzhou, had no special low-income families that standard. Hangzhou since 2008 Since the implementation of low-rent housing system, the civil affairs departments can only refer to the poorer standards issued by guaranteeing low-income households show that the main threshold of per capita income for the family, excluding stocks, funds and other financial assets and property, access to low-income Into the proof of the low-income families may not be true. Issue a certificate if the applicant, household per capita income is less than 1,100 yuan, regardless of the number of housing units or financial assets, are likely to be low-income proof. Hangzhou Municipal Government on October 29 issued a "way", becoming the first pilot country to develop standards for low-income families identified the city. According to Hangzhou, the Director of Civil Affairs disaster relief money Xiaoping, the "approach" on the property Determined to implement a full coverage, wage income, financial assets and housing were included in the calculation range. Forged documents or false certification application will no longer apply within 5 years of low-income families and other relevant applications.