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Birds Nan Feihai mouth hot rental market a lawyer who advises detailed rental
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Recently, with a series of national policy and Haikou, Sanya, "Sales Order" The introduction of Hainan see atmosphere is still strong property market. Statistics show that 25 October Hainan recent real estate transaction volume of a small peak Signed the same day to 106 the number of sets, but Hainan property market "priced free city" has not significantly change the overall pattern. At the same time, other than the addition to the new disk, Hainan around the "second-hand housing" market is not very optimistic. Many " Second-hand housing, "you have started to adjust their marketing strategies, most notably playing" rent card. "In the visit, some recent tenants renting in Haikou to reporters reflect not only the rent is high, individual landlords Even when the rent and tenants agreed rental period, the landlord may at any time sell ... ... South "birds" or reminders hot rental market Recently, the reporter learned that the recent Haikou, Sanya and other places of the property market trading volume did not change much. Some real estate industry sources, the Hainan property market "priced free city" of the situation will not in the short term there are strong Significant change, whether developers or the buyers are on the sidelines. With the cold weather in the mainland, many of the North "Migrant family" began to enter the south of Hainan. "The 'migratory bird family' among the many hands No local housing housing. Under the influence in the policy, many people does not intend to buy a house, so that Hainan's hot rental market may take this chance up. "Hainan real estate industry analysis Zhi-Yong Yi Road. Some landlords agreed "to sell at any time" Many of you know a reporter from Haikou, Haikou current rental market is gradually picking up, the rent is also a "step by step", now 30 sq m, simple decoration, with basic furniture of the house, most of the more than 900 monthly Element; and some place better, fitting in place, Fully Furnished 30 square meters to 50 square meters between the houses, many of the monthly rent has more than 1,800 yuan. "Now the house easy to find, in the Haidian Island I just rented a 50 square meters of housing is housing built 10 years ago, the monthly rent to 1,100 yuan, not cheap." Recently, Mr. Pang told the old birds Daily News reporter, "do not Only the high rent, the landlord and I signed the rental agreement, there is a 'gentleman's agreement', that is, in my rental period, the landlord when faced with a suitable buyer, he can always sell the house. "Mr. Pang said, his one-time to Rent paid in full for a year and three months rent deposit, the landlord if the house was sold during the period, she wanted to find a suitable re-housing will be very difficult I am afraid, that time may also damage their own interests, It is this Kind of an agreement so that they are not practical now live a little. Lawyer: rental lease agreement when the refinement Persky rent for the situation encountered, Hainan radius LI law firm, said rent if the lease only when both parties to an oral agreement, "gentleman's agreement" in the form of agreed rental period, the landlord may with the When selling the event of disputes, and no one say. Thus in order to avoid disputes, the most reliable way is to refine the rental agreement. When signing the rental agreement, the agreement can and will be relevant to the text form, the body agreed Now. So that future changes in circumstances, when the rights are based.