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Jilin lend new rules introduced to cancel the protection of low-rent housing sub
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  Recently, the provincial housing construction, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the provincial Department of Finance jointly issued "Interim Measures of Jilin Province to use low-cost housing." Yesterday, the provincial Housing and Construction Office of stakeholders to interpret them.

Property owners of autonomy can also be market-oriented

"Interim Measures": low-cost housing area to implement localization property management.

Interpretation: property management, construction of low-rent housing system cell can be taken to "owners of autonomy" in a way which can be taken to implement market-oriented property management approach. Encourage property through "fee-for-work" approach, the use of part of the support the family labor resources, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the local property management, property services work in an organized manner.

Incentive fees may be paid in full

"Interim Measures": an incentive to encourage and guide the low-rent housing guarantee the timely and full payment of the cost of the object.

Interpretation: the protection of the object if the full payment of rent in accordance with regulations, property fees, fees, local conditions can combine to give certain concessions.

Wherever conditions permit, housing, security management institutions can pay on time and in full protection of property fees, costs associated with the object and give them incentives.

Vacate the decoration does not compensate for low-rent housing

"Interim Procedures": the protection of property rights object out there, the local authority housing security repurchase in accordance with the original sale price, without interest.

Interpretation: use of low-cost in rental housing during the renovation, vacate the housing when not compensated.

Lent sublease will be disqualified

"Interim Measures" to enjoy the low-rent housing to protect the family, should be based on each of the relevant provisions of the Home, housing and social security departments to provide income, housing, population and asset movements and so on.

Interpretation: In addition to regular annual report, the daily use of low-rent housing there are many "closed." Among them, one of the following circumstances, to cancel protection of the object of protection requirements:

Lend to low-cost housing, sublet; will change the use of low-rent housing; household income and housing conditions than the local government set standards of low-income housing for needy families; 6 consecutive months without good reason not to pay rent and low-rent housing related costs; without reasonable cause more than 6 consecutive months in the tenant does not live in low-rent housing; to buy other houses; violation of housing security policies and conventions in other cases.

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Absence of exceptional circumstances

New housing to be built with low-rent housing

(Reporter sinus Chung) Recently, the Provincial Office of housing construction and other related departments have also issued a "low-rent housing built with the implementation of Jilin approach", which is particularly interesting is that the absence of special circumstances, new housing must also be equipped with build a certain percentage of low-rent housing.

"Implementation Measures" provides that in new housing, affordable housing, urban shantytowns (inhabitable houses) transformation project, in accordance with the total planned construction area of resettlement area to move back after deducting 5% of the proportion of supporting the building of low-cost housing, to address town low-income housing for needy families housing security.