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Administration of Jilin Province issued a clear low-rent housing built with the
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(Xinhua Cao Xuan) reporter recently learned from the Provincial Office of housing construction, in order to expand low-cost housing availability raising channels and to further improve low-rent housing guarantee system in Jilin Province, Jilin Province, continuous introduction of a "low-rent housing built with the implementation of measures" and " use of low-rent housing Interim Measures, "the proportion of low-rent housing built with, Chanquanchanji and vacate the system and other issues to be clear.

"Low cost housing built with the implementation of measures" provisions of the new housing projects built with low-rent housing to enjoy the national, provincial and low-cost housing construction on the preferential policies, property rights to the local people's government. Construction costs by the local government, according to the provincial government to "enrich the project on the implementation of a number of opinions" on the "land of not less than 20% of net income by the ratio for low-cost housing construction. Provision of housing provident fund loans net of value-added benefits risk reserves, management fees, all to support low-cost housing construction "and other regulations to raise the specific measures formulated by the country.

Allocated to build low-cost affordable housing should adhere to the principle, to meet the design specification, the basic use of functional requirements, to achieve a reasonable layout, the use of functions, construction standards meet the requirements. With a single set of construction should meet the strict control of construction area of 50 square meters in the policy provisions of the standard range; in accordance with the Building or the unit focused on arrangements; phased construction of new housing projects can be on schedule with construction.

According to reports, the "measures" referred to with construction, refers to new housing, affordable housing, urban shantytowns (inhabitable houses) transformation project (hereinafter referred to as new housing projects) in accordance with the deduction of the total planned construction area of resettlement area to move back ratio of 5% after supporting the building of low-cost housing, to solve the housing difficulties of urban low-income families rent housing guarantee.

New introduction of the "low-rent housing with Interim Measures" after the distribution of low-rent housing, security objects, the process of implementing Shiwupeizu property services, rental sales, Chanquanchanji and vacate and other issues to be clear. "Approach" provides the implementation of localization of low-rent housing community property management, property administrative departments around the area responsible for the low-rent housing, supervision and management of property services. Users during the lease rent housing renovation, check-out time without compensation. In addition, families enjoy the low-rent housing guarantee, each of the relevant provisions should be based on civil affairs, housing and social security departments to provide income, housing, population and asset movements, etc., the relevant departments to review their declarations and in accordance with the outcome of the review, re- determine the security status.

The "way" also further defined the low-rent housing to exit conditions. According to regulations, one of the following circumstances will be eligible to cancel the protection of objects of protection. (A) lend to low-rent housing, sublet; (b) to change the use of low-rent housing; (c) household income and housing conditions than the local government set standards of low-income housing for needy families; (iv) without proper reason not to pay for 6 months rent low-rent housing and related costs; (e) without reasonable cause more than 6 consecutive months in the tenant does not live in low-rent housing; (f) to buy other houses; (g) in violation of housing security policies and conventions in other cases.